The Silly Goose Story


Once upon a time in the farmyard, there lived a Silly Goose who got tired of hearing the same old humdrum music day in, day out.

“I’m tired of hearing boring old music that barely even ruffles my feathers anymore!” said the Silly Goose.

When the wise old mare that pulls the farmer’s cart heard this, she neighed and said, “Well why don’t you go and do something about it? You won’t get very far plucking at seeds in the farmer’s yard!”

“You’re right!” exclaimed the Silly Goose, and at that instant he decided he would learn how to set up his own record label.

He knew the best way to get the most of great music was to pick the songs himself, record them himself, and make a big splash to let the whole farmyard know about it! There and then he vowed to make his own mark on the music in all the animal’s ears, the Silly Goose.

“But wait!” he cried. “I can’t set up a record label. I don’t even have hands!”

And all the animals laughed.

Silly Goose Records, originally founded in Ireland as an independent record label, has been reinvented as an independent music collective based out of Lawrence, Kansas.

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Silly Goose Records currently operates out of Lawrence, Kansas

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