State Of Play

The entire State Of Play album is now streaming live.
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State of Play is an eclectic mix of lo-fi electronica, sweeping orchestration and film dialogue and audio samples.

State of Play lives in small places like headphones and matchboxes, but can also be found occupying strange exotic places between sleep and wakefulness, dream-like reverie and crystal-clear revelation.

Influenced by the films of Scorsese, Kubrick and Herzog and flavoured by the sounds of Air, Sigur Ros and Boards of Canada, State of Play was created over the course of four years in different bedrooms and headspaces. The album includes strange combinations of ambient electronica, world fusion, hip hop and improvised composition.

State of Play – music for the mind


Album Streaming site: http://stateofplaymusic.wordpress.com/

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/stateofplaymusicforthemind

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