The Phantastics

The Phantastics

Kansas City’s best kept secret and a force to be reckoned with, The Phantastics are “hyper-boogie-hip-hopified-funk-a-mystical-groovification!” Yessir, you heard it hear first. This incredible 7-piece bring together the vocal stylings of KC’s hottest R&B rap talents, thePhantom*, with the stunning soulful voice of Leigh Gibbs and a band of funktastic musicians that pack a fully loaded shot of phunk everytime. Check out the full arsenal:


thePhantom*- Lead Spokesman/Vocals / Bowties
Leigh Gibbs – Vocals/ Soul Sista lovin’
JJ Cantrell- Lead Guitar/ Vocals/ Nipples
Danny Florez- Elictric Bass/ Vocals/Kill Streak
Ashley Thompson- Drums/ Twizzlers
DJ Mitchell- Saxophone/ Karate chops
Austin Quick-Keyboard / Bee Gee

Currently demolishing the live scene in KC, Lawrence and anywhere they unleash their Phantasm, the band are working on capturing their blistering live sound in a studio (not an easy task) and are set to throw the music world into upheaval sometime later this year.

Don’t worry, if you hadn’t heard of them yet, by reading this you are a world closer to the greatest live music experience you’ll have this side of South Korea. We won’t make you wait too long, promise.

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