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The Silly & Wild Goose

The Silly Goose is off to New York City for a few days. There’ll be oohs and aahs and seeing of sights and the listening of music and having of good times. It’s a good spot to quietly infiltrate for Stage One of Silly Goose world domination. There’ll be a solo show for Nick Carswell at The Red Lion on Bleecker and Thompson St (www.redlionnyc.com) to break up the sightseeing, and otherwise we’re guessing a lot of walking and hopefully some good meetings and good people, we’re sure. Bright lights here we come . . .

For those not spreading their wings quite that far, don’t forget there’s BPLO in Dolans this Friday to keep spirits high!

Oh and if you missed it, you can catch The Pittsters on The View from last night on RTE Player. It’s from about the 35min mark. Enjoy!



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