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Silly Goose 2.0

If you stumbled across sillygooserecords.org of late, you may have thought there were something curious stirring . . . you were right.

The New Silly Goose Family

The New Silly Goose Family

First, we adopted this lovely new look website, which you were suitably impressed by. Then, some new names, faces and sounds appeared. Interesting, you thought. Videos, new tracks, details of shows, and even a free download. With all of this new activity, you might have begun to believe something new and exciting was in the works for the Silly Goose. And you’d be absolutely right.

We’ve come a long way since our first Silly Goose release – literally and figuratively! Two of the creative forces behind Silly Goose took a little jaunt across the Atlantic, and have been based in Lawrence, Kansas since mid-2011. While BPLO storm onward with the great success of recent collaborations and a new record in the works, and The Elective Orchestra united with Carswell & Hope for a brief tour in 2014, most of the new focus has been on a group of musicians in this college town in the US Midwest, and some of the very exciting and interesting music they make.

This is where the adventure has taken us, and it’s been good.

If you’ve ever heard anyone say “the music industry is constantly changing”, then we feel sorry for you.

The Phantastics

The Phantastics

Because if you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times. Labels, venues, promoters, artists, are not just chasing to catch up with new technologies (and their ramifications), but whole chunks of the industry are falling by the wayside. At the same time, we all know how easy it is to connect with each other, and artists and creators working in this day and age face a new world, into which they pour their art, energies and creativity.

It’s no great secret what is needed these days to succeed in music, and what may have once seemed like an insurmountable challenge to making an impact, now seems like an opportunity for those who make art to find and connect with their audience directly. Traditionally, a record label was really only something that coordinated this relationship. Now the relationship has changed, and so must our approach.

Therefore, Silly Goose Records has been reinvented as an “independent music collective”. What does this mean? It means we are under no illusions as to the control or stature that a “record label” can possess in the fledgling stages of new music and growing artists, but instead, we come together to find a common ground around how we can nurture, support and encourage our artists to produce great music, engaging content, excellent live shows, and a package that you – the music lover – will gobble right up. This is how we will continue to support great new music.

We are an open collective based in Lawrence, KS who invite artists to meet with us, contribute, discuss ideas and produce works; art, music, video and live experiences. The same creative drivers are at the heart of the new Silly Goose, but this time, we are opening our doors to see what new and exciting things we can come up with, as a collective of artists and creators.

The farmyard is full of exciting creatures up to exciting things. We’re the ones who are trying to corral them together to create that barnyard symphony.



Why continue to describe ourselves as a Silly Goose “Records”? Well, simply put, we want to remember that the genesis of all of this is that we produce things, we record and release our work. Whether it’s a song, a record, a video, a film or some other combination of art and music (that we haven’t thought of yet), it is something that has been created from nothing, and it deserves a label.

Another way of looking at it; some say the days of record labels are gone, but we like to think of the Silly Goose model as an evolution of the record label. Nothing really dies, it just evolves. Even the Silly Goose.

If you’re interested in becoming involved, check back on this website or our Facebook page to see when our next meeting is, reach out by sending us an email, or come to one of our live shows.

If you like music, and want more (always more), then join our mailing list for the most up to date news and release.

Peace & Happy Trails!
The Silly Goose


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