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Announcing MXM2016 Production Workshops

sound+vision mixerBack due to popular demand, #MXM2016 Production Workshops are taking place at Lawrence Public Library‘s fantastic Sound+Vision Studio on Friday April 15th.

The Sound+Vision studio is fast becoming a valuable resource for independent music producers in Lawrence. As part of MXM2016, we are making the most of this resource by inviting interested musicians and producers for a unique opportunity to share the control room with some of Lawrence’s best producers.

90 minute sessions run from 9.30am – 5pm on Friday April 15th, where you’ll hear about the production approach, pre-production processes and overall aesthetics from producers across a wide variety of genres and styles.

FB event page buttonWorkshop sign-up will be available from 12 noon on Thursday April 7th.
Join the Facebook event for more info and updates.

Registration is available now! Click here to sign up for a spot via Doodle

More about the Producers:

Jim Bio PicJim Barnes

Session 1: 9.30am – 11.15am

A Mississippi native, Jim moved to Lawrence in 2009 and has been producing music professionally for 15 years.  Notable as the drummer/producer for the Lawrence/Kansas City based band Hembree, formerly known as Quiet Corral, he has recorded and mixed many area artists as well as others from around the nation.  At home in genres ranging from folk to indie rock to radio pop, whether producing an album from the ground up or specializing as a mix engineer, Jim enjoys helping fellow musicians achieve the sound they’re after.

jimabarnes@gmail.com | www.facebook.com/jimabarnes

matt pelsmaMatt Pelsma

Session 2: 11.15am – 12.45pm

Matt is a guitarist, composer, recording engineer and consultant/producer. He has taught, recorded, and performed throughout his time living in Wichita, Cleveland, Los Angeles, and currently in his native home of Lawrence. His music has been used in film, network television, and Netflix. Matt currently plays guitar in the band Westerners, records bands at the Lawrence Public Library’s Sound & Vision Studio, and finds time to pickup scoring projects. Come talk mic’s, guitars and recoding technology at his day job at Mass Street Music.

Notable projects: LaGuerre, #lawrencejam, Marmoset Music, Westerners
mattp@massstreetmusic.com | https://soundcloud.com/pelsma

Ed Rose

Session 3: 1.30pm – 3.00pm

ep001_edroseRose held an interest in sound recording in his high school years, which was nurtured by his family. One year he got a Fostex X-15 recorder for Christmas. The next year he moved up to a Fostex 250, which he still uses. His interest in sound recording continued to grow, and he decided to attend the Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts. He interned at Studio 55 in Los Angeles. After an ownership change, he left Studio 55 and tried freelancing for six months. However, he found himself doing more technical setup than engineering, so he moved to Lawrence, Kansas in 1991 to attend The University of Kansas to get a degree in electrical engineering. He was soon approached by a friend who asked him to record a demo for his band. They recorded at Redhouse Recording. He enjoyed working there, so the owners offered him a job. His first session recording was with a local band called Slackjaw. The members of the band took a liking to Rose, so they began spreading the word and helping him get work. A year later, he dropped out from school and became a full-time partner in the studio.

www.edrose.com | www.lawrence.lib.ks.us/library-services/sound-vision/


ApproachSession 4: 3.15pm – 4.45pm

I am a songwriter, producer, record label owner, tastemaker on the turntables, audio engineer and emcee from Overland Park, KS. I am not great at any of these things but, I make it work well. What makes me unique is my ear for sound and the funky way I make the magic happen.

Notable Projects–Approach, Lincoln Marshall, MilkDrop, Barrel Maker & Lion

aljapro@gmail.com | @approach1


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