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Demo Dip at MXM2017

One of our most popular workshops, The Demo Dip returns at #MXM2017 this Saturday at The Living Room, as part of Crossroads Music Fest.

cody-case-panel1.jpgThe idea is simple. Musicians and bands put their CDs in a box at the start of the session, and one-by-one, a disc is pulled out at random and the whole room (including a panel of industry experts) listens to about a minute of a track.

Our panel will then offer feedback based on what they heard. They may mention some other successful artists that they are reminded of, or perhaps a venue or audience that they feel could respond well to your sound. You may find out whether a radio DJ would play the track on their show, or if a promoter or talent buyer will be interested in hearing more or seeing a live show.

The Demo Dip is a fun and constructive process, focused on helping bands to understand how their sound is perceived, and to share feedback on production, booking and future avenues to explore.

Tips for Bands:

Make an impact!

60 seconds is not a very long time, so pick a song that gets to the point quickly! The Demo Dip is not a place to try and build a slow, long contemplative mood.

Bring your music on CD

We won’t be accepting any flash drives or playing anything from your phone. Bring a CD, and mark what track you’d like played on the sleeve or a sticker.

Have an open mind

This is an casual opportunity to hear and see how industry professional react to your music. Feedback will be offered in a positive and constructive way, so be sure to receive it that in that spirit. We’ll all have something to learn from it!

Demo Dip Panelists

Panel: Chris Haghirian (90.9 The Bridge), Paul Chandler (X1051KC), Rachel Bennett (KJHK 90.7FM), Steven Ervay (The Record Machine, Do816)


One thought on “Demo Dip at MXM2017

  1. “Sounds” a great idea. Excuse the pun!!

    Posted by Beryl Carswell | September 9, 2017, 7:27 pm

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